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Audio 4 Anything

Need audio for anything? From website development to radio & TV imaging, you've come to the right place!

These voiceover talent professionals are available for free lance work. Click a demo below to hear audio samples, and email them directly to negotiate.

Tina George

Tina George started out in radio in 1994 and has worked for many stations in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Formerly the midday and afternoon news anchor in Norfolk, VA for WNIS and WTAR, Tina does commercial voiceovers all over.

Tina currently does Radio/IT consultant work for New South Communications & Broadcasting and hosts two syndicated radio shows with the network.

(Tina George in her early days of radio)
Voicework by Tina George:
Commercial: Acredale Saddlery #2
Commercial: Acredale Saddlery #1
Commercial: Baker Street Holiday
Commercial: FunnyBone - Damon Wayans
Commercial: Chevrolet Christmas
Commercial: Casey Mazda Year End Closeout
Commercial: Floors Alive
Commercial: Dr. Harrison
Commercial: Farm Fresh
Commercial: Security Storage
Commercial: Forbes Candy
Commercial: Perry & Associates Refi
Commercial: Perry & Associates 1
Commercial: Perry & Associates 2
Commercial: Fred Astaire
Commercial: Rainbow International
Commercial: Salvation Army
Commercial: Quality Advantage
Commercial: JES Construction
Commercial: Salt Ponds
Commercial: Diabetic Neurapathy Reasearch Study EVMS
Commercial: Saddle Ridge Rockin Country Saloon
Commercial: Nancy's Nook Presents Love Stuff
Commercial: A1 Turf Management
Commercial: Disney's Lion King
Commercial: Rainsoft
Voice Over: Military Homecoming Fireworks Show (cold read, no music)
Show Archives
All The Roots 2/11/07
Syndicate Show Coming Up Promo: Early Country

Denis Reidy

Denis Reidy started out in radio in 1974 and made stops in New York, Richmond, Savannah, and the legendary Country Music Station WCMS in Virginia Beach.

He is currently the Production Director in Norfolk, VA for WNIS and WTAR. In addition to being an audio pro, Denis is also a professional actor.

(Denis Reidy in his early days of radio)

  • 2004 Silver Addy Award Winner
  • Trooper Dooley (VA Association of Broadcasters /2005 Award/ Best Public Service)
  • Presto Expresso (VA Association of Broadcasters/ 2004 Award runner-up /Best Commercial)
  • Hampton Roads Association of Radio Broadcasters Award Winner
  • VA Association of Broadcasters/2005 Award /Best Morning Show Production and Editing
Chartway Federal Credit Union
A-1 Exterminators
Hair Institute
Great Bridge Furniture
Contract Carpet Sales
Haunted Dinner Theatre/ Williamsburg Va.
Russellís Heating and Cooling
Grove Avenue Baptist in Richmond
All promos/demos/commercials written, produced and in most cases, voiced by Denis Reidy.

Teri Michelle

Teri Michelle started out in radio in 1980 and has worked for many stations in Hampton Roads.

She produced her own Reggae Show for over 20 years.

Formerly the executive producer in Norfolk, VA at WTAR, Teri is currently the FM Production Director for 93.7 BOB FM, 96X, and US106 in Norfolk, VA. She does commercial production with her own company, Studio Net Productions.


(Teri Michelle in her early days of radio)
Commercials Produced & Edited By Teri Michelle
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 |
Voicework by Teri Michelle:
Commericial: Golds Gym
Commericial: Casino Night
Commericial: Lazy Dayz
Commericial: Mermaids
Commericial: Tidewater Integrated Research
Commericial: Frog Pile
Commericial: Gypsy D
Commericial: Madd Dogs
Commericial: Promenade (Dirty Dicks)
Commericial: Gastrology Associates
Commericial: Lifetime Treasures

Talie Germain

Talie Germain has worked in radio since 1987. She has previously worked in Hampton Roads and Jacksonville.

Currently Talie works in Orlando, Florida. She does voiceover work for her business Vocal Animations.


(Talie Germain in her early days of radio)
Vocal Animations |

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