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New To Shopping Online?

Welcome to our guide to getting started shopping on the internet. This list is by no means a comprehensive list on all the ways you can save money by shopping online instead of in person, but with the trusted and popular website links on this page you can see examples of the types of ways to save money on the internet and where to shop online.

Consider not only how much time and gas you will save buy making your purchases online, but also know that your average shopping trip when done online applying instant coupons is 10-30% less than you would normally spend. And you can use search engines to find what you're looking for in seconds, instead of walking around a store in frustration when you can't find what you're looking for and a sales associate isn't available to help.

Some merchants don't even require a debit card, you can turn the order in online and select pick up in store with cash as the payment method and still get the online discounts. You just pick up your item at the customer service desk at the front of the store. That convenience not only saves you time, but also helps you avoid the temptation of unplanned and impulse purchases that can drive your bill up.

Shopping Tips To Remember

  • Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING offers habitually when shopping online, so many stores offer it that its easy to avoid paying shipping. Some examples of stores that offer it on low cost orders are Drugstore and Penzey's Spices.
  • Use coupons such as $50 off $250 or more when possible, but also combine those with cash back rebates sites we link below to get even more money off your purchase.
  • Buy two items if theres a Buy One Get One Free Or 50% Off Special.
  • Shop considering available mix & match discounts. Sometimes you can add a cheap item you didn't even want to the cart and it will lower the cost significantly of your main item due to mix and match stacking discounts kicking in.
  • Trust merchants who use the Google Trusted Store Badge on the corner of their website to insure your purchase. An example of a store that uses this is Petco (scroll to the bottom). Not only is this badge difficult for merchants to get, if anything goes wrong with your purchase and they don't fix it Google will step in assist with your refund and the merchant may lose that privilege they worked so hard to get if they give Google issues. No one wants to go up against the giant Google machine so seeing that badge assures your peace of mind.
  • Save by signing up for subscription purchases. Target offers a repeat delivery service but requires you to order and pay for the item one time first. Amazon offers a Subscribe & Save service you can edit any time without making an instant purchase to save 15% off your purchases. offers excellent service and fast delivery on pet related items for repeat delivery. Subscription services can be paused, delayed, moved up, or cancelled by logging into your website account management settings.
  • Before checking out of any website, go to and type whatever merchant you're shopping on + the words "coupon code". For example, search for "Lowe's Coupon Codes" and check the first 10 or so websites that appear to see who has the best coupon code currently for shopping online with that merchant.

Create A FREE Gmail Account For Shopping Online

Sign up to receive offers from your favorite shops, sometimes they will send exclusive coupons but never use your main or work email for this purpose. Email lists are regularly sold by various merchants so you need to expect that you will start to receive unwanted spam on any email you make a purchase with online. To get a free email address go to and sign up. If you already have a gmail address that is your name consider adding a word after your name such as orders or shopping to drive all your purchase and shopping advertisement clutter to a separate email box. For example, if your real email is sign up for or something similar.

Use Google Docs To Organize Account Logins - An added bonus to having a gmail account is it automatically gives you free storage of something called Google Docs, if you've used Microsoft Excel or Office its very similar except that its hosted online and saved to your gmail account - making it a perfect place to store your login information for the websites you sign up to shop on.

Get A Free VISA Reloadable Debit Card From Walmart

Afraid to give your bank account information over the internet? - Walmart has made it easier than ever to get around that with their prepaid reloadable debit cards. You can deposit cash at a Walmart store onto the card, and spend the money on it anywhere that accepts the VISA logo. If you go over there are no overlimit fees, your last purchase will simply decline. They have a card on the website you can view here, but if you go to the store and look through the gift card area at checkout and get the Walmart Black card there is no fee to load or reload the card at the register and no monthly fee if you load a few hundred dollars each month to the card (this could be a portion of your paycheck via direct deposit to eliminate the hassle of keeping up with the deposits manually if you prefer). If you opt to direct deposit your paycheck to your Walmart Black card you can get your money 24 hours before payday.

Never Pay ATM Fees At Wawa - Stop by any Wawa convenience store and use their free ATM to withdraw cash with no added ATM fee no matter what debit card you use.

Want to shop online with a card without opening any account? - Grab all the loose change in your house, find a Coinstar machine (some Walmarts have them inside) and trade in your change for a gift card to many stores you can shop at online such as Amazon for no fee. You could trade the coins in for cash and pay the fee, but this way you lose none of your money and you get to shop online with the gift card.


There are many websites that offer rebates, cash back, discounts, coupons, and special offers when you shop online. Some of them will deposit the cash right into your Paypal account, or mail you a check, while others will offer gift card balances.

Cash Back Discounts On Everyday Purchases

Coupon Cabin - Discounts on Starbucks, Walmart, Sams Club, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Petco, Lowe's, Home Depot, Macy's, Kohl's, Sears, JCPenney, Micheal's, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, New Balance & More.

Top Cash Back - Discounts on Lowes, AT&T, T-Mobile, New Egg, World Market, Macy's & More.

Ebates - Discounts on Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, Lowe's, Drugstore, World Market, Macy's, Kohl's, Nordstrom, Sears, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond & More.

Plenti - Discounts on Walmart, Sam's Club, AT&T, T-Mobile, Mobil Gas, Exxon Gas, Rite Aid, Macy's, Kohl's, Sears, Toys R Us, Staples, Shoe Buy, Ancestry, Etsy, Ebay, Office Depot, Petco, GoDaddy, Jet, Groupon, Hulu, New Egg & More.

Swagbucks - Discounts on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy's, Overstock, New Egg, Woot & More. Also print grocery coupons online and get paid for surfing the web, clicking ads, and watching promotional videos.


Save an average of 10-30% off a gift card, then use the gift card combined with other coupon code offers and cash back deals to maximize stacked savings. These websites are verified to work, we made purchases from them, we cannot vouch for other gift card sites on the internet. Also note that while using these services your transaction may be cancelled and you will not be billed or other issues may arise. If you do not receive your gift card you will not be charged.

Verified Gift Card Websites

Raise - Discounted gift cards for Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Petco, Michael's, T.J. Maxx, JC Penney, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Moe's Southwest Grill, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, Chilis, Boston Market, KFC, McDonalds, Panera Bread, Honeybaked Ham, Lane Bryant, Walgreens, Rite Aid & More. This company has sellers sending cards directly to you by printing out a 1 sheet order slip and attaching the physical card.

Be Frugal - Discounted gift cards for Amazon, Ebay, Auto Zone, Aerogarden, Ace Hardware, Bare Minerals, Bass Pro Shops, Bed Bath & Beyond, Big Lots, Cost Plus World Market, Barnes & Noble, Macy's, Ancestry, Destination XL, Dollar General, E-Smart Tax, FedEx Office, Go Daddy, Jet, JC Penney, Kohl's, Sears, Sams Club, Shoplet, Shoebuy, Sees Candies, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Omron Healthcare, Petco, & More.

Save Ya - Discounted gift cards for TGI Fridays, Outback Steakhouse, Walgreens, Macy's, Kohl's JCPenny, Lane Bryant, Sephora, Mens Warehouse, DSW, Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods, Big Lots, Michaels, Red Robin, Honeybaked Ham, Applebees, Lone Star Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, PF Changs, Red Lobster, Chili's, Steak N' Shake, Mcdonalds, Krispy Kreme, Cracker Barrel, Sees Candies, Barnes & Noble, & More.

Gift Card Spread - Discounted gift cards for Lowe's, Home Depot, Auto Zone, Boston Market, Cold Stone Creamery, Five Guys, Honeybaked Ham, Longhorn Steakhouse, Melting Pot, Olive Garden, PF Changs, Noodles & Company, Panera Bread, Panda Express, Red Lobster, Starbucks, Subway, TGI Fridays, Walgreens, Kroger, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, Applebees, & More.

Card Pool - Discounted Target gift cards and more at great deals, but note that this company takes 3-7 days to process your transaction. Even electronic codes are not sent quickly like the other companies listed here.  


Coupon Codes

Renovo Power generally offers the best coupon codes currently available online for these merchants:
Lowes | Home Depot | Macy's | JC Penney | Nordstrom's

Coupon Websites

Retail Me Not | Deals Plus | Deal Catcher ||

Discount & Gift Certificate Websites

Groupon | Valpak


Shop these websites to get the best deals and don't forget to activate your cash back discounts and instant coupons from the sites above to maximize your savings.

Marketplace & Auction

Amazon | Ebay | Etsy

Computer & Electronics Technology

New Egg | Woot | Best Buy

Pharmacy, Health, & Beauty | Walgreens | Vitamin Shoppe

TV & Movie Streaming Entertainment

Get HDTV for free using your outdoor antenna at or try these paid commercial free streaming services as an alternative to paying costly cable bills.

Netflix (@8-12/month) | Hulu (@8-12/month) | Amazon Prime Video (@99/yr for Amazon Prime membership)


Walmart Grocery - Order your groceries online for free with no attached fees, pull up and park and someone will load them for you - save $10 off your first order!

For more great ideas on how to save money, visit national radio show host Clark Howard's website.
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